Our Mission is to provide clients with the personal and unique care that each is entitled to. We are in the people business first, developing trusting relationships to understand the full scope of each client’s diverse needs.

What We've Accomplished

  • We are ranked in the top 10 accounting firms in Vancouver by the International Web Site Advisory HQ.
  • Con Buckley is the founding partner
    and was the recipient of the Wealth Management Award as being one of
    the top 5% of estate and tax practitioners in Vancouver. By exclusive invitation, Con attends conferences in North America covering future trends and direction for business.
  • Geoff Dodds who is a Partner, was elected to the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and held the position of Treasurer in the organization. Geoff was a driving force behind the merger of the three accounting bodies in BC into the Organization of Chartered Professional Accountants of BC (“CPABC”) and was appointed to the inaugural Board of Directors of CPABC which regulates and drives the strategic direction of the accounting profession.

WINS worth mentioning

  • $300,000 of unreported income was assessed and on appeal we were able to have that income reduced to $20,000 significantly reducing the tax payable
    to the client.
  • PST audit with the Ministry of
    Finance of $8,000 was reduced
    to less than $1,000.
  • Disallowance by the CRA of a foreign
    tax credit of $40,000 was reinstated to
    the client on appeal.

    *A word of caution, not all of the assessments by the Canada Revenue Agency can be overturned or reduced as it depends on the specific circumstances. However, in many cases as proven in the examples provided, the CRA’s interpretation of the tax act, or their understanding of the facts, is not always correct.
  • A Canada Revenue Assessment of $750,000 was appealed and the amount was reduced to $34,000 payable for one of our clients.
  • Another CRA Assessment of $600,000 was eliminated on appeal so that the taxpayer paid zero.
  • Yet another CRA Assessment of $400,000 was also completely eliminated on appeal.
  • A denial of maternity leave pay by
    Service Canada for Employment Insurance was overturned and full benefits reinstated to our client.
  • $500,000 in business expenses were denied by the CRA and reinstated on
    our appeal.