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Film Industry Taxes and Credits

Film Industry Tax Credit Expertise

Attention: Producers and Production Accountants.

We just would like to remind you that aside from being a full service accounting firm, we also specialize in the preparation and filing of Federal and Provincial Film Tax Credits for BC, Ontario and Quebec. We have been in the industry of providing accounting, auditing and specialized tax services to individuals, corporations, charitable institutions and non profit entities for the past 25 years.

Specifically, we have over 13 years experience in the film industry and during that time have identified many pitfalls that C.R.A. will zero in on in evaluating your film tax credit applications.

If you are producing or are planning a feature film, a TV pilot or any other production eligible for film tax credits in Canada, please get in touch with us and we can assist you in avoiding problems in applying for your credits as well as assisting in any other accounting or tax matters you may have.

Film Industry Tax Credit Pitfalls

Examples of pitfalls our film industry professionals can help you avoid:

Unless the loan from the shareholder is structured properly, C.R.A. will treat this as assistance and not financing thus reducing or even eliminating your tax credit.

If your corporation has other income or other activities over and above the producing of the specific qualified film, this may throw your entire company offside and all credits will be denied.

C.R.A. will compare your production costs reported on your Federal claim to that reported on you Provincial claim. If they are the same you will likely be singled out for audit as production costs are calculated slightly differently for Federal and Provincial claims.

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